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    ~ Two samples of your recent unpublished works.
    ~ Professional CV or brief biography with contact details.
    ~ Two recent photos, big, and clear.

Submissions Address
We publish accepted works "as is".  Hence, you should submit works that you consider to be your finest finished drafts of some of your old works, or some of your newest. We could make constructive suggestions to improving your works, and possible revisions, if necessary. However, we reserve the right to correct minor errors, if necessary.

Send submissions through the General Submissions Managerhere or through our external submissions manager, here, or by email to, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  You should paste your submissions, including cover letter, works samples, and bio in the body of your email. If possible, also attach your works samples and bio as files. 

General Selection Process
Our general selection process allows us to reduce random submissions, and is predicated on the foregoing, instead of the merits of your works alone. However, each editor could approve you for our recognitions, and for the publication of your works through specific editorial selection preferences. This allows us to be as diverse, as inclusive and as ecletic as possible. To contact an editor, simply click on his or her name in the editors section.

Previously Unpublished Works
We encourage you to send your recent works that are previously unpublished. However, in exceptional instances, we reserve the right to review works that have been published somewhere else.

Simultaneous Submissions of Works
By submitting your works, you allow us the express right to publish your works upon acceptance. This allows us to reduce simultaneous submissions, which we strongly discourage.

Submission Period
We review submissions on a rolling basis, except in instances where it is not possible for us to do so. This is on the balance that you would receive a response from us before sending in more submissions.

Response Time
We will ensure you receive a responses to your submissions, within two months, or less, if we accept your submissions for publication, otherwise, a response is unlikely, except on special instances.

By submitting works you consent that you are the sole owner, and author of your works. You also consent that we reserve the express right to use your works, if accepted, in whole, or in part.

General Themes
We welcome works of the highest levels of excellence, by poets who have made significant contributions to Poetry, and by less known poets. We have published some of the world’s finest poets, from the five continents, in a range of languages including English, Finnish, French, German, Irish, Japanese, Malay and Spanish. Hence, we accept works from a broad range of topics to show vitality and range.

Editorial Styles and Themes Preference
Each editor reserves the right to expressly specify the themes and styles that they have willingness to review. Editorial preferences will be posted in the editorial section.  And if you have preference for any editor you would like to review your submissions, you should so address your email subject, or instead, you should send your submissions to the editor directly. 

Formats and Fonts
Our preference is works that is within two pages in length, including the title. We would preserve all preferences to formats and fonts, where possible. The Irish Celtic Font is our symbolic font for the first letters of the first lines of published works. By submitting your works, you allow us the express right to format your works, where possible, to our preference.

You are the initial owners of the copyrights for your works. However, we grant anyone the privilege to use the works we publish. Anyone can reproduce the works, use, and distribute it at no cost, without alteration, and for no monetary gain with proper references to us, as place of first publication.

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