Section 2 ~ Issue 22bDennis Maloney
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DENNIS MALONEY                                            

Surf’s Up


                                               for Albert
B unsized 221ack then we dreamt

of catching the perfect wave,

listening to the Beach Boys

sing of cars, surf, and girls

despite the fact we were

almost 500 miles

from any ocean,

much less the honeyed waves

of Southern California.


Tending the garden

I listen to Brian Wilson

sing those old songs again.

His voice whiskeyed,

seasoned with the experience

of age, trips of fantasy

and imagination.

Behind that youthful

sunny facade,

a descent into darkness

and sometimes madness.

Saved by music and

the harmonic swerves

that mirrored and shaped

America of the ‘60s.

That once youthful exuberance

best heard again in Brian’s ragged

but determined faltering voice.


Like surfers we to try to

catch the big wave, falling

and failing again and again

only to get back up on the board

and head out to another wave.

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