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SHAINDEL BEERS                                            

Audrey Hepburn, Cat & George Peppard in the Alley


T unsized 2216hat scene at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s with

all the love in the alley, when Holly realizes it was a mistake 

to shoo cat out of the cab, to abandon herself, her lover, 

her cat, there on the streets of New York. To throw it all away 

and then at the last second regret it. Cat is crying 

in a wooden crate, and they are all soaked, beyond 

saturation, not like in movies these days, when it sprinkles 

and we are supposed to feel bad for the lovers. Audrey

has mascara running down her face, cat is an orange tabby

sponge inside her coat, and she and Paul are kissing—really 

kissing in the rain. And there is cat at the center of it all— 

the most loved cat in the universe, crushed to Holly Golightly’s 

breast by Paul/Fred’s embrace, and they are, for the first 

time in the movie, a family. We can have faith that cat will have 

a name, Holly will stop calling Paul Fred, and it will not matter 

if she is Holly or Lula May because a name isn’t what makes 

home—it is cat, there in the center, cat, that fat slob who Paul 

went looking for in the rain, cat, whose fur their tears 

soak into.   

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