line placer leaves simply
RICHARD KRAWIEC                                                     



C unsized 222cool air flowing through the screen,

a curious cardinal tipping its head

at me from the empty feeder 

as if to moor me to this day, as if aware  

that I drift still in that day we slid

down the grassy bank towards

the reflection of a sky we didn't feel 

we needed to embrace to own  

those breeze-rippled clouds,

swaths of bright blue descended

to surface,  yes love, there are things

we can't claim;  a familiar table

with years of scars,  drawers

where my socks might hide beneath

your black lace, mindless routines

coffee-making, rubbish take-out 

but look at the heron circling, 

its wings bent in gray-blue welcome,

landing in the shallows by the shaded bank 

look at those clouds rising with the sun 

from the shoreline to cover us like a quilt 

look at how our fingers and mouths find 

ways to craft tightly what we do have, 

this boat drifting away from all moorings 


line placer leaves simply