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S unsized 2215o proudly green, your leaves,

in this nude and gray season


So raw the raspy symphony

of the winds


which pranced over the Prairies,

galloped down the mountains


Stole their way down to the Gulf

with chilly tributes from the Tundra king


Your glossy glory, your copious shade

even while the maple drifts skywards,


Its branches bare, forlornly silent.

Here, still, a roost for the squirrel


For the soft-beaked pelican, for the trumpet-

coated cicada waiting for its summer concert


When, like white loaves, your flowers

are feast for the eye, for the sun


Magnolia so magnificent

Your jazz juice, your raspy sap


Your song so South,

how so light you look now


With no strange fruit

or dangling burdens


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  Dublin Poetry Review: Éigse Átha Cliath

                                                                                        Section 1 ~ Issue 21a