Ama Ata Aidoo
On receiving an apology meant for another


D unsized 223ear Ms. Jonah,


Whoever you are,

wherever you sit or stand,

sit easy, stand full height,

eat an egg,

break a leg.


Break a leg?


What strange injunction

to go harm you

whom the gods have

graced with wonder?


At the dawn’s first ray

and the dews not dry

You-Know-Who with you-know-what

phoned to say sorry to me:


quite sincerely,

most profusely,

for some mistake

‘from yesterday?”


He couldn’t have known I was not you.



can you even imagine


someone from among our ranks

could take the time

and all that trouble

to say ‘sorry’

so soulfully?



who don’t

ever own up

to minor misdeeds,

major mistakes,

clean, clever crimes or

normal human faults?


So that ’pologies

are truly beyond our energies?

out of vision?

far from our thoughts?


Dear Ms. Jonah,

Don’t break a leg.

Just eat an egg.


Then hug yourself.

Dance in the rain.

Skip along a river bank, and

feel some sand between your toes…   


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